31/8/2012 Update

The 31st of August today, and yesterday marked 6 weeks in total for Kirsten in hospital. Has she improved? Are things getting better? Well let’s just say she has a long road ahead.

She is trying to maintain good spirits and does a pretty good job of it too, considering what she must be feeling inside, and how her outlook is. It’s easy for me to say, I get to come home every night and see our kids, so I can only imagine how she truly feels.

Rehab is a long, slow process and Kirsten gets very tired, very quickly, so even simple things like having a shower is a massive effort, but she is resilient and determined. Her balance is still not too flash, and her vision is still driving her crazy, as I imagine it would anyone. Will it get better? We or the Drs. have no answers, but slow steps and lots of patience are what’s needed. How long she will be in rehab is anyone’s guess at this stage.

Now I want to clear something up. There have been some questions as to whether Kirsten knows or agrees to me blogging about her! Firstly, yes, she does know about it. Secondly, yes she is happy for me to do it, because she’s knows I’m a Geek and this is a positive of social media, I can let lots of people know how she is without spending thousands of hours on the phone! It also ensures that there are no "Chinese Whispers" so to speak. I have, however, been careful of some of the stuff, obviously, even though it seems there is lots of detail. It has also been a good way to record what has been going on. Thanks, Tone 😉



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