14/8/2012 Update

14th of August 2012.

The neurologists are 80% sure Kirsten has Multiple Sclerosis (MS from now on in any blog I do!). They are going to start her on an MS treatment later this week and keep her in hospital to make sure she doesn’t have any adverse reactions to it. It is called "Tysabri" for any of you inclined to Google it! There is heaps of info out there on it. At this stage there will be no biopsy, thank goodness.

There is still a few little niggly things for them to do and I dont need to go into detail at the moment, just to say that they are being very thorough! There is also still some question as to whether the seizures, headache and vomiting was caused as a result of the MS or whether it is some other as yet unexplained phenomena. It is still also being investigated.

Kirsten is ok. Her eyes and balance are still affected and hopefully the treatment will clear some of this up and Kirsten can get back to normal. She will however, spend some time in rehab after she is released from hospital which may happen in the next 10 days to 2 weeks. How long she will be in rehab is anyones guess at this stage, as she is also still very tired and weak from everything.

Now some people have asked me about visiting. If you would like to drop in, give me a ring first to see how she is and whether she will be around or not due to tests! Just be prepared for a knock back or her going to sleep on you. Like I said, she is always really tired and this is probably one of the effects of the MS. Also, if there is any hint you may be coming down with anything at all, please reconsider! The last thing she needs is to get any other type of sick at the moment!



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