13/9/2012 Update

Hi again. Well today marks 8 weeks since Kirsten went into hospital, and really we are still just waiting.

She had her second infusion on Tuesday, and so far so good. Like I have said before the infusion is a preventative not a cure and the Drs have told us not too expect too much for the first 2 or 3 months, so we have to wait. The big news is that the test for the so called JC virus that could cause grief further down the track has come back negative.

Kirsten is still in the Rehab ward at Sunshine hospital and hasn’t been allowed home at all yet. In fact there is an Occupational Therapist coming today to assess what needs or mods we may have to make to the house to accommodate her coming home if she doesn’t improve on what she is like at the moment. She was allowed out the other night to farewell Josh off to Japan for three weeks which was great, and hopefully will be allowed out for a family function on Sunday.

Currently she still has balance problems and the double vision is still there. She started some hydrotherapy yesterday in the hope that might help with her back and balance as the water is more supportive than just doing her exercises normally. The neurologist who saw her the other day at her infusion has noticed some subtle improvement so I think that is a positive. You have to remember I am there everyday and probably haven’t noticed the subtleties, unlike the neuro’s who haven’t seen her for 3 weeks now!

We are still hopeful of a much better improvement than we currently have, but we keep being told that with MS “everyone is different!”

Kirsten spoke to a lady at treatment the other day who has had MS for 19 years and has been on the Tysabri treatment for 3 years. She thought that she felt better for being on it, but that she was also apprehensive at the start. So that was a little positive for the day!

All in all, Kirsten is holding up pretty well. She certainly has her down days, but she has tried to remain stoic and positive. I don’t know how she does it, but my admiration for her grows by the day.

Like I’ve said before, if you want to visit by all means do, just give a call or text first to make sure she isn’t booked for other things. And I really ask that if you have a hint of any kind of illness coming on or going, please re-consider. Even a simple text message is enough to keep her spirits up!




2 thoughts on “13/9/2012 Update

  1. I’ve been waiting for an update Tony! I’ll definitely be in next week sometime for a visit, will text you Sunday or Monday to find out Kirsten’s timetable. Rather than tell you what I’ve been up to on here I’ll wait to see you guys next week. Love and hugs xoxo

    Posted by Justine Maher | September 13, 2012, 11:01 am

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