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The Darwin Adventure part 4

Now I mentioned Josh had a couple of foot incidents. In fact he had 3, and I forgot to mention the last one in the last blog post, so here it is….. When Josh and I “flew” around Litchfield National Park, he, being the trooper that he is, insisted on doing the walks with me. … Continue reading

The Darwin Adventure part 3

Josh and I left Tennant Creek without even looking back! Knowing that there really wasn’t much here, and that we were nearly at our final destinantion.The drive to Mataranka included a detour to a place called Daly Waters. Now I got a little mixed up here, (must be old age!) But I thought that Charlie, … Continue reading

The Darwin Adventure part 2

We arrived in Alice Springs (AS), thongs and shorts on. We left AS, thongs off and trackie dacks back on, cause it was freezing!! Something about the centre of Australia this time of year! It gets bloody cold. Not just Victorian cold, but Bloody cold! Below zero in some cases! So our brief encounter with … Continue reading

The Darwin Adventure part 1

So Josh and I left the Marsh a week ago, and it was a freezing -1c, both of us hoping, willing the temperature to rise as we headed West, then North towards Darwin! First stopover, friends in Adelaide. Awesome meal, awesome company. Only thing wrong with Adelaide is everything shuts at 5pm, and its full … Continue reading

The Next Big Adventure part 6!! SHARKS!!

SHARK?! Where?! Did somebody say Shark?! Ssshhhh!! Don’t say it too loudly, the boat will roll over as everyone comes to one side for a look!! This is what I learnt when we went shark diving. Ok, so this was the Big ticket item for this trip! This was the money shot, the jackpot, the … Continue reading

The Next Big Adventure part 5

Kalgoorlie. What can I say except Big hole, skimpies and a brothel!! That’s it. Sums it up pretty well actually! I reckoned it was a lot like Bendigo or Ballarat, just with skimpies and brothels. Now that’s not to say Bendigo or Ballarat doesn’t have a brothel, they probably do. But I’ll bet it’s nothing … Continue reading

The Next Big Adventure part 4

So we’ve done it. We’ve driven the Nullarbor, seen the other side, got out alive and are heading back!! After a crazy few days, a whirlwind in fact, we are east ward bound again. We came we saw, we left! We hit esperance, and then Kalgoorlie and we got out before they knew we were … Continue reading

The Next Big Adventure part 3, or We Made It Across the Nullarbor!!

Well today, or tonight, depending on which part of the country you’re in, we crossed the Nullarbor. And might I say that it really is just a long, long, long piece of road. Nothing exciting, or different about it. But we did it, and that is all that matters. So tonight we sit in Norsemen … Continue reading

The Next Big Adventure part 2

Well we managed to leave Bacchus Marsh as planned and headed to our first destination, which was to stay with wonderful friends in Lynne and Jim in Horsham. Always fun and always love catching up with 2 wonderful people. Unfortunately the weather was starting to turn! Our plans were to go for a drive to … Continue reading

The Next Big Adventure 2014

Tomorrow we embark on another one of our adventures. This time we head west across the Nullarbor, with Kalgoorlie and Esperance the ultimate goal. You see we were meant to do it last year, but Kirsten’s MS was just a little too raw, and memories of the year before at Uluru, a little too fresh. … Continue reading

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