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The Darwin Adventure part 4

Now I mentioned Josh had a couple of foot incidents. In fact he had 3, and I forgot to mention the last one in the last blog post, so here it is…..

When Josh and I “flew” around Litchfield National Park, he, being the trooper that he is, insisted on doing the walks with me. Now these aren’t your little jaunts around the place! No folks, these are hard yakka, mostly about 2km walks around the main falls in the Park.

I didn’t make him do it, and if he had of opted not to, I would have completely understood. His toe was in a pretty bad way, and he had already given up on the idea of swimming at any of these pristine falls. But still, he chose to do 2 of the 3 walks with me. Good job!

Until that is, half way around walk no. 2, when he goes to me “Dad? My toes bleeding!”! Oh?! Are you ok son, I ask? “Yeah. Should be.” Give me a look I ask?! And when I look, not the manky, smashed caravan toe from the day before, but bugger me dead, clumsy head has managed to put a hole in his other bloody toe!!

Yep! Big toe no. 2 is also now holed! Not too bad, thankfully, but still has a bleeding hole in it! Josh soldiers on to his credit and completes walk no. 2, but opts out of walk no. 3, which I totally understand! How many more toes can this kid damage?! And they say things come in 3’s?! Sure seems like it!

On the way to Darwin Matt suggests we check out the Territory Wildlife Park down the road from their place! Glad we did, what a great place to check out a lot of the local wildlife and learn a little bit about them all. As well as seeing a couple of “wild” wild critters on the walk around the park! Yes, Josh “steve irwin” Liefman somehow manages to find off the path a little what we think is a small King Brown snake, and also a golden tree snake! Fair dinkum, if it’s out there, my kids will find it!

Josh’s time in Darwin with us is limited so we are going to try and fit in a couple of high value Darwin things before he goes home. Jumping crocodiles being one of the ones high on the agenda.

We drop the van at the caravan park in Darwin and head out to the Adelaide River, where we are greeted by Bridget and Harry, who are to be our hosts on this cruise to check out these critters in the wild! And they dont disappoint.

They are massive, and you can hear the power in their jaws every time they snap shut around a piece of meat offered up by our hosts! Just amazing. It is also hard to believe that something so big can also be so agile. Not the clumsy critter they look when you see them on TV. In real life these things can get up and go when they want to.

Our cruise takes in about 6 crocs of varying sizes, with the highlight being a visit to see some 3 week old baby ones floating in the water not too far from Mum and their nest. Quite cute at this size, but soon enough to be man eaters if they get a hold of one of us!

On the way back to the van, we stop at the “World Famous” Humpty Doo hotel! They do sliders and of course cant be passed up! A croc, barra and buffalo slider is on the menu, and we both lap them up hungrily!

Our boys week is nearly over, as the girls fly in tonight to start their holiday, but I rhink Josh and I have fitted heaps into our week of travels. I know I;ve enjoyed it heaps, even if he did sleep most of the way in the car! I never knew I could be so boring!

(side note : I know I am a couple of weeks behind in blogging, but eh, been having too much fun to sit in front of a computer! It’ll happen, just not very quickly! Enjoy!)



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