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The Darwin Adventure part 1

So Josh and I left the Marsh a week ago, and it was a freezing -1c, both of us hoping, willing the temperature to rise as we headed West, then North towards Darwin!

First stopover, friends in Adelaide. Awesome meal, awesome company. Only thing wrong with Adelaide is everything shuts at 5pm, and its full of South Australians?! Go figure! So out of there early in the AM, try to beat peak hour traffic, and hit Coober Pedy, where, hopefully, warmth awaits!!

About 9hrs later, and a fairly uneventful drive, we rock into Coober Pedy (CP). Now, we’ve been here before. In fact if you read blogs from times past you will see that CP is the start of Kirstens not so fun trek down the MS path, so no need to revisit and look around, set up, eat one of the best pizzas in the land, (Facey friends I apologise, it’s one meal I forgot to post! Was too busy scoffing it down!!) sleep, a couple of quick happy snaps and we are on the road again headed to Alice Springs (AS).

Now we have travelled these paths many times before, so there was no need to sight see to Alice, just get there, a couple of quick fuel stops, a stop at the border, cause we can, and Bam, we are in AS. This is where the fun stuff begins! We do however now have our thongs on! Warmer weather awaits and we cant get enough!

Not that we’re are long in AS, but let me take you on a journey. We decided that we should see the latest Jurassic movie. Why not? AS has a theatre, we want to see it, and it’s in 3D, awesome right?! Wrong!!

We have a wonderful burger at the AS RSL, recommend it if you’re there, actually, recommend any of their meals. Reasonably priced, and very nice. Then head to the flicks.

Sitting in the movie, glasses and popcorn ready to roll, movie starts……10 minutes in, movie stops. Apparently 3D and AS dont gell too well!! So, do we mind watching in 2D says the attendant? No we all enthusiastically scream! Off we go again! Now its either a really short movie, or a really boring one, cause I woke up with a couple of minutes to go, and some prehistoric critter from the deep eating the main nasty dino’s! Sorry if I spoiled it, but get the DVD, dont waste your hard earned at the flicks! Anyway we leave, score a free movie at the AS cinema, like I’ll be back there, sure! And out we go to the car.

Josh is driving, cause he’s a good lad, and cant drive with the van on, and we’re heading to the van park, when both of us go “WTF is that smell??” Like it is overpowering! And just there! Wow! Bad news! Josh looks down at his super duper runners and my car mat, and guess what is all over it?! Yep!! Thats right, some of our wonderful countrymans best left over meal! Some dirty thing has taken a dump and decided to do it right where Josh has walked!! WTF?! Really?!

Words cannot express how disgusted and sickened by this both of us are. Little are we to know that this is just the beginning of poor Josh’s foot issues, but more on that later.

So after a lot of scrubbing and washing and disinfecting, and whatever the heck else we can do to get rid of said fecal matter, we hit the hay vowing only ever to sleep in AS for a night, and clearing out of there as fast as we can!!

This is where the drive gets interesting for us because we have never ventured this far north before so we are looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

You, my friends, will have to wait for part 2 to see what our next bit entails. Of course there will be adventure, of course there will be Burgers, and of course it will be fun, fun, fun! Stay tuned. Next bit is not too far off!

Side note too. There will be no pics here. I apologise if you dont have facey, if you do, check out the daily pics on there! (Sorry big sister! 😉 )



One thought on “The Darwin Adventure part 1

  1. Hi Tone – sounds like you’re having fun – travel safe – Kayleen and Brett

    Posted by Kayleen Sumner | July 2, 2015, 10:48 pm

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