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The Next Big Adventure part 5

Kalgoorlie. What can I say except Big hole, skimpies and a brothel!! That’s it. Sums it up pretty well actually!

I reckoned it was a lot like Bendigo or Ballarat, just with skimpies and brothels. Now that’s not to say Bendigo or Ballarat doesn’t have a brothel, they probably do. But I’ll bet it’s nothing like the famous Kalgoorlie Hay Street brothel, “Questa Casa”! But more on that later! And I dont think Bendigo or Ballarat have skimpies either! But I could be wrong.

Kalgoorlie does have the Super Pit! The largest open cut hole in the Southern Hemisphere. It is enormous. Photos don’t do it justice, and neither does me describing it. Suffice to say it is enormous. I can’t remember the exact dimensions but they’re something like 3km at it’s longest, 2km at it’s widest and over a kilometre deep! Plus the fact there is an underground element to it as well, which I think he said goes down another kilometre!! And apparently they take out on average, 28 tonnes of gold a year! THAT right there folks is an enormous amount of gold in anyones opinion. It has or is one of the worlds most profitable gold mines.

The Super Pit

The Super Pit

And everything is BIG! BIG trucks, BIG excavators, BIG tyres, BIG Hole!! Hahaha!! Love it, it was like a Tonka toy wet dream! Especially for boys! But I do have to say that my wife and daughter were also pretty taken by the scale of it all.

A friend of ours worked the Super Pit for a while, and all I can imagine is that must have been quite an experience, and pretty good fun. Josh even managed to get a pic of one of Matts old trucks, 232, parked up in the hot changeover area.

The tour of the mine was well worth every cent. If you ever make it to Kalgoorlie, I highly recommend it. Best way to see the mine that’s for sure.

The next big thing to do in Kalgoorlie is take a tour of the “Questa Casa” brothel! One of the original working brothels in Kalgoorlie. It is the fair dinkum ones you see in the pics with what look like single doors for each room into the brothel. This is not the case, and I am not going to go into the detail, or give away how it works, needless to say some of these girls make a hell of a lot of money!!

So the Madam tells us that it is winter and things slow down a bit, but there were still a couple of girls working, just not while we were there! It opens at 6pm, and the tour was at 3pm, so disappointingly (!) we didnt get to meet or see any of the girls. Next time maybe!!

Now this was an over 18 tour only, much to the kids disappointment! Jamie especially, who is like a cat!!! Too curious for her own good! But when the tour was over, she did manage to get a little glimpse inside the place through one of the doors that just happened to be open! And Kirsten explained the workings of it to her. In fact Kirsten seemed to know an awful lot about the workings of brothels?! Maybe I dont know my wife as well as I think!! Hahaha!!

"Questa Casa"

“Questa Casa”

Oh, and it was requested that we “drive-by” the place several times after opening to get a look at one of the girls sitting in the “doorway” of one of the entries! Was she pretty? Dont know, couldn’t tell! I was too busy trying not to be embarrassed about doing laps of a brothel in the car, whilst the others worked their bums off trying to get sneaky photos!! Another part of Kalgoorlie worth a look if your in the neighborhood!

Now, Skimpies. What the heck are skimpies?! When we rolled into town and I asked the lady at the caravan reception where a nice place to eat was, she replied with “your kids are too young, there are skimpies!!” What could I say? I had no idea what the heck she was talking about! I’d never heard of such a thing. I’ve been to topless bars, heck I’ve even been to nudie bars!! But skimpies?! WTF?? Major!!

Now in Kalgoorlie nearly every pub, bar, whatever you call them has a skimpie. A scantily clad, but not topless, and not naked, barmaid. And when your younger than the ripe old age of 18, you are not allowed onto these places. And in Kalgoorlie, it pretty much rules out every single eating and drinking establishment in the town! Much to Josh’s, (and Jamie’s!!) disgust!!

So we spent a fair amount of time doing drive by’s. Driving by this pub to look for skimpies, and driving by that pub looking, or trying to look in for skimpies!! Sometimes you just wish your kids were over 18 so you could shut them the heck up!! Oh, and the funny thing was every time we did a drive by, I could always see the skimpie, they couldn’t!! Must be a male thing!

What did I learn? Kalgoorlie has a big hole. It has the oldest, legal, even though it is illegal, brothel in Australia, and the authorities turn a blind eye to it because they pay their taxes!! It has skimpies. If Melbourne had skimpies, I would go and have a look. I must admit, I have been to a titty bar!! Was it fun? Eh, it was nice girl selling beers. She had no top on. I liked Kalgoorlie. I would go back there for another bit of a look.

So that was Kalgoorlie. Enjoy.



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