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The Next Big Adventure part 4

So we’ve done it. We’ve driven the Nullarbor, seen the other side, got out alive and are heading back!!

After a crazy few days, a whirlwind in fact, we are east ward bound again. We came we saw, we left! We hit esperance, and then Kalgoorlie and we got out before they knew we were even in the state!!

We spent a total of 1 day in Esperance, and a whole one day in Kalgoorlie, but boy, did we fit a week in both towns!!

Now this is MY opinion, not anyone else’s, although I’m sure the kids will agree, but that was enough. I saw it all, and really, Esperance is like a bigger Port Fairy, and Kalgoorlie is like Bendigo or Ballarat, except with a brothel. That’s not to say Ballarat or Bendigo haven’t got brothels, they probably have, it’s just they don’t have the infamous Hay Street brothels.

So Esperance, what can I say. They have a pink lake. Except it is only pink certain times of the year, and that is like winning the lottery, they have some beautiful beaches, cold water though, and islands!! I had no idea there were so many island off Esperance!! There is heaps!

We didn’t visit any, but you can see them along the coast. And I really couldn’t believe the amount of islands there were. In fact it made me wonder if anyone lived on them. I imagine not, and I didn’t ask, so I guess I’ll never know.

Now we did go out to the Cape Le Grand national park. Home of Lucky bay, otherwise known for the whitest sand beach in Australia. Folks, let me tell you, it was white. Not just white, but don’t take your sunnies off white!! Blinding! We drove on it, and it was white, did I mention that?! Oh also it squeaks!! It is that soft and fine that when you walk on it, it squeaks!! It is a cracker!! Beautiful, simply beautiful. But that is all, white sand. Don’t swim there, because your next stop pretty much is Antarctica!! And the water is bloody freezing!!

Oh and the kids climbed Frenchmans Peak. They looked like they had fun! Too high for me. I sat in the car and watched!! Isn’t that the saying? Why bark? When you have a dog?! Hahahaha!! We watched them through binoculars!! That was enough!

Next we headed to Kalgoorlie. Now to be fair it is probably the subject of its own entire blog….so, guess what? Tomorrow night, whilst it is still kind of fresh in my mind, I will do another blog on Kalgoorlie! Only because today we have driven over 10 hours, and I’m tired and tomorrow is another big day!! So hang tight, enjoy it so far, and catch you all laters!!

Some things about Esperance, just to pay it a bit of justice… The place near the jetty, or port called Taylor’s, has fair hamburgers. Not the best, but fair. It’s not good when the bread is thicker than the patty. Not quite right. The lake probably does get pink, when it’s the right time of year!! I’m sure there are good swimming beaches, it was just too cold for us too swim!! I did stand in the water though, and it was nice, nothing quite feels like lapping waves on your legs!! Doesn’t matter how cold the water! I couldn’t find the bloody fire station!! I’m sure it has one! But it wasn’t where it was meant to be! Very strange! Oh and the shops shut on a Sunday!! How weird is that?! Where on earth do the shops shut on a Sunday?! Oh, I’m sorry, Esperance!! Or maybe it’s the whole bloody state!! I can’t wait to get back to Victoria!!

Photos to come, again… Sorry.



2 thoughts on “The Next Big Adventure part 4

  1. Hi Tone – guess I’m not racing to get to Esperence now am l????? LOL – Safe trip home. Kayleen

    Posted by Kayleen Sumner | July 2, 2014, 10:48 pm
  2. Great insight into your trip. Enjoy the next adventure. Take carexx

    Posted by Karen Hunter | July 3, 2014, 9:26 pm

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