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The Next Big Adventure part 3, or We Made It Across the Nullarbor!!

Well today, or tonight, depending on which part of the country you’re in, we crossed the Nullarbor. And might I say that it really is just a long, long, long piece of road. Nothing exciting, or different about it. But we did it, and that is all that matters.

So tonight we sit in Norsemen for the night before we head to Esperance tomorrow.

Now I’ve heard there was some nasty weather at home! Well let me tell you the wind across the Nullarbor is like nothing I’ve ever experienced! No wonder they called our shark dive off!! It was blowing an absolute gale. To the point I had to abandon one of the Nullarbor Links golf holes, because all it would have done is come back and hit me in the face when I tee’d off! Even the bloke at the roadhouse suggested I get someone to stand behind me to catch the ball!! Full on! Even more fun with the van, but all in all, it towed pretty well and we made pretty good time.

Even with my crappy golf playing. But I do think I have found the secret for my golf game. Play a hole, jump in the car and drive for a couple of hours and play another hole!! Seems to work!! Apart from all the lost balls, and believe me on this course that is easier than it sounds, I have done pretty well. I even managed to avoid having the crow steal my ball at the Nullarbor roadhouse! A lady in the caravan park there told me she had lost 2 to the stupid black bird!! Too funny. Well it was, because I didn’t lose anything!!

We did stop and look at the “Head of the Bight” whale watching platform though. Excellent viewing, shame it is a ripoff. Cost us $60 to walk on some boardwalks down to a cliff and watch the whales. Now don’t get me wrong it was spectacular, but $60?! C’mon! Who are they kidding! Anyway we paid, and went and looked. And how exciting was it?! Oh wow!! There was at least 8 mums, and we think each of them had a bubs with them. In fact we had 4 cross in front of us maybe 100m away or less! They really were mesmerizing. We all could have stayed for hours and just watched. There are some photos on Facebook. None of us have ever seen whales so close, and it was almost as if they could tell, because they just kept coming in closer and closer. It really was amazing to watch. They are huge, I had no idea of scale, and now appreciate them so much more. So far, that has been my highlight.

And I have been doing the Nullarbor Links golf course, as I’ve already alluded too. A cleverly constructed 18 hole golf course along the Nullarbor!! Each roadhouse or town between Ceduna and Kalgoorlie has at least one hole. Now the lady at the Ceduna information centre, where I bought my card, did tell me that it was “challenging”! She wasn’t far bloody wrong!! So picture this, and this is not your “Moonah Links”, oh no!! You have a tee, made out of synthetic grass on top of what seems like a block of concrete, and then you have a green, which also seems to sit on top of a block of concrete, albeit uneven as you can make it!! That is where, to a “normal” golf course at least, the similarities end!!

In between said tee and green is anything the Australian bush can throw at you!! Sure some of the holes have been “graded” flat? Did I say flat? Maybe they have been graded uneven! I’m not quite sure!! Hahahaha! I tell you what “challenging” is not even a word on this course! Crazy? Ridiculous? Stupid? They are better words to describe it! Not withstanding the hurricane force winds on one today that I was forced to bypass as I’m not a fan of catching the ball after I have tee’d off! Even one of the locals said to me in a very dry, very serious voice when I quizzed him about having a crack, “you’ll need a catcher standing behind you!!” Challenging? Hahaha!! Funny as!

We also saw the remains of one of the first telegraph stations in this area. A friend of ours, Scott, had told us we must go and see them, and see them we did. It is off the track a bit, but defo worth a look. One of the first places ever to contact the outside world from WA! And depending on the time of year, depends on how much, or how little you see of the house/station. Saw our first eagle close up on the way out to this one, another special moment. Doesn’t matter how many of these magnificent birds you see, each and every one is spectacular.

Now speaking of wildlife, or lack there of, we haven’t seen much! Saw some road kill, but that’s normal. And all we have spotted that you could really call feral is some mangy old dingo crossing the road near Ceduna! Mangy wasn’t quite the right word for this poor pooch! Scroungy, grungy? Don’t know! I did feel sorry for it though, poor critter looked horrible. But we saw it, and it got a jump out of everyone in the car, well the kids looked up from their electronics and took notice. They didn’t see it, but they looked! And they were disappointed they missed it!! Hahaha! Maybe they should look out the window more often!

Oh, we did have a trucky get us on the ol’ UHF radio! I can’t type in Italian, so use your imagination peoples…. Hello, hello in the carra?! Watcha outta upa da roada fora the camelsa?! Ok?! ugetit? Uunderstanme?! Camelsa on a the roada?! Keepa loogout? So we all for the next hour honed our eyeballs to the bloody roada looking for camels!! None! Nada! Zip! Hahaha! Weren’t we disppaointed, here we thought Jackpot!! Wildlife! But it wasn’t to be! Maybe a next a time a eh?! Too funny! Although I guess in hindsight, maybe I don’t want to see wildlife too close to the roada!!

And so we sit in a little town between Esperance and Kalgoorlie called Norsemen, or Norseman. None of us are sure which it is! Tomorrow when it is light maybe we will look at the town sign and decide!! Something about this place, the caravan park has some wonderful hosts, very helpful. Strange though because at 730pm when we got here, the only thing serving “full” meals was the BP roadhouse!! Cracks me up to think we dined out at a BP, you’d think they would at least have a Shell for me? But not to be! It wasn’t too bad actually, we’ve had plenty worse!

What have I learnt? Well the Nullarbor is pretty much just that. A friggin long piece of tree less road! Nothing special, maybe it’s just a challenge to the Aussie psych to do it. You can pass the same trucks more than three times in a day, it just depends on how many stops you both have, and who beats who out of the roadhouse! You can put a quad bike up a tree! Australia really does have a bumhole (Caiguna blowhole)!! There isn’t that much wildlife out there! Eagles and whales really are magnificent creatures. I’m a crap golfer, with or without wind!! My car is a wonderful piece of machinery, except for the 2 little lights that shine right in my eyes when I am trying to drive at night!! There are people out there that ride pushbikes across this continent, I never really believed this, but I have seen 2 now, and it still hasn’t changed my opinion that they are friggin nuts!! And last, but by absolutely no means least, we really do live in the Lucky country. Get out and explore if you haven’t already. Did I mention golf is a crap game?!

Side note…..sorry there is no photos in the blog this time. When I can do it properly, I will add some. If you are on facey, there is a heap there, take a look if you want to. Otherwise, in a later blog I’ll chuck a heap up. Seeya!! 😉











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