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The Next Big Adventure part 2

Well we managed to leave Bacchus Marsh as planned and headed to our first destination, which was to stay with wonderful friends in Lynne and Jim in Horsham. Always fun and always love catching up with 2 wonderful people. Unfortunately the weather was starting to turn!

Our plans were to go for a drive to Hamilton from Horsham, but this was not to be. Lucky we didn’t make any definite plans to see anyone in Hamilton, (apologies to those we do know in Hamilton!) as it turns out we were to receive a phone call from the shark cage dive people to tell us the bad news that our Friday dive had been cancelled due to this extreme weather we were about to have. And in fact they were canceling all diving for the next week, because there was more bad weather to come.

This threw our entire holiday plans into Kaos!! What now? Where to from here? Our holiday had been planned around this entire dive, and the way the dive works is that they can only go on limited days, and of course they didn’t line up very well with our trip! Luckily, due to some good planning, Kirsten had managed to build in a little contingency. So it was back to the drawing board and rehash the holiday to enable us to dive on the way home.

So we are sitting in Port Pirie, which is a way bigger town, (at night at least!!) than we thought. A big drive, an early night, and a bit of a look around and on to the start of the Nullarbor tomorrow. Ceduna bound, and the first of the Nullarbor golf course! The excitement is building, and the anticipation is well, anticipated!!

Oh, a little after thought, we did have lunch in what I guess you could describe as “North Adelaide”, it kind of reminded me of a town just east of us! Especially when Jamie said “did you see those kids give that 12 year old a pack of smokes?!?!” What the?!

It’s funny, no offense Christine, but none of us were really interested in stopping too long in Adelaide, especially after spending so much time here last time under much different circumstances! We did see “Scotty” though at the wonderful motel we stayed in after travelling so far last time. We will also, if we have time, maybe stop in Adelaide on the way back. Not too sure yet, as those plans hinge entirely on a particular date with great white sharks! We will see.

Some things I have noticed today, and I have seen them before, but just maybe didn’t pay too much attention to them….Adelaide has big hills!! Ball tearing, brake wearing big hills! And in the wet, they’re pretty scary! I’ve also noticed that 2 teenage siblings can sit in a car and watch a movie together and be like best friends, I love it when my kids get along, geeze it makes life easy! I’m also glad I wasn’t home. We saw some nasty weather today, but not like they’ve had at home, nowhere near it in fact, and we were pretty lucky as we seemed to only get the tail end of it in our travels.

No photos in the blog yet, I’ve already posted some on facey, so have a look at them, and to me the holiday is really only starting tomorrow when we get out of lands we have already travelled, even though it doesn’t matter how many times I travel this country I still see something new, amazing and love it more and more.

Stay tuned, more blogging to come! More adventures and more fun, til next time.



One thought on “The Next Big Adventure part 2

  1. No need to be sorry Tony, I don’t like Adelaide much either, I would just love to live in your part of Aussie mate but cant afford to move back to where my heart is. Hope we do get to catch up on your way back from your BIG adventure it would be lovely to see you all, oh I and I do have a driveway that you can park your van on for a night or two. Good luck and happy times on your trip guys the last one was abruptly interrupted lets hope this all goes without a hitch. Love you all heaps take care on them roads. xxxx

    Posted by Chris | June 25, 2014, 2:50 pm

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