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Kirstens Updates

Okely dokely, so I’ve changed the way the updates work. Stay with me here people, hopefully it’ll be a little less confusing and easier to navigate to the latest one.

Up the top of the page here you will see a link to “Kirstens Updates” under that will be dated updates. This’ll be where I put them from now on. I’ll still send the Facebook link and Twitter it when I update, but there’ll be nothing on this page anymore. Except for this reminder!

All good. Enjoy Smile



One thought on “Kirstens Updates

  1. Tony, you’re doing an amazing job on this blog- it’s such a terrific idea so you don’t have to repeat everything over and over. I just can’t believe all this has happened in the last couple of months, when here I was thinking you were having a wonderful time on your long awaited NT trip!
    Now I know what’s happening, I’ll be in touch much more often- and I mean what I said to you yesterday. ANYTHING at all.
    Much love, Justine xoxox

    Posted by Justine Maher | August 26, 2012, 9:53 am

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