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The Next Northern Adventure part 7 part 1

OK, so like I said, we did Alice Springs and we really enjoyed it. But next stop was getting even closer to the major goal which just happened to be Uluru.

Yep, the Rock. Now we’ve been here before and there is something magical about it. Surreal almost. But first, Erldunda.

Why Erldunda? Because this is where our little travelling party became complete. Thats right, this is where we met up with Aaron, Leanne, Kirk and Ellie.

Now there’s nothing exciting about Erldunda, except that it has a roadhouse, and a small caravan park. But it is also the turnoff to Uluru. But just up the road to the north is something called the Henbury Meteorite Craters.

So 4000 years ago a meteor crashes thought the atmosphere, breaks into 7 pieces, some the size of a 44 gallon drum, (200 litres for you metric heads!!), and crashes to earth. How big we’re the holes these things caused? Huge! Now these are all estimates. And I guess unless you were standing there on the day at the time these things crunched into Mother Earth, you have to rely on some boffins estimate, but you know what? After seeing the size of these things, I believe it! Yep the holes were huge. And guess what? I don’t think you would stand there too long if these things came hurtling towards you at a rate of knots! Imagine being hit by 1? I think that’d hurt!

Now thats Josh n Kirk standing in the bottom of the meteor crater? Pretty big, hey! Pretty cool too, I reckon!

Ok, so that’s pretty much it for Erldunda. What else could I tell you? It has a Shell roadhouse that sells good Shell fuel, the caravan park is ok, did the job. Erldunda might even figure in another blog a little later on, but now onto the Ultimate!


Off we head, nice and early because for the others, the goal is to climb Uluru. Now I’ve climbed it. The kids and I climbed it 2 years ago when we were here and honestly I wasn’t really planning on climbing it again, but then again I wasn’t definite on that. And the whole purpose of our trip to Uluru was for the others to get to the top, so the goal was to get maximum opportunity to climb. Because do you know what? They close the Rock! That’s right, the Rock gets closed if it is too windy. Do you know why? Because it gets so windy people fall off! That’s right. Uluru is so big it nearly has its own weather system on top. So the Northern Territory coroner, not the IP’s, (refer to an earlier blog!), close the Rock when the wind gets to a certain speed on the ground.

So, like I said off we go. Now for any of you who have driven into Uluru from Erldunda, you’ll appreciate this next bit. It is even funnier when you know what is happening and others don’t! Needless to say it caused no end of joy to me last time, and this time was even better because I could share the joke of others not knowing with someone else!

But do you know what? I’m not going to let you in on the secret! If you’ve driven in, you’ll know what I am referring to. (hopefully! Well, you should! ) If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and drive in and experience the wonder that is this part of our beautiful country.

So you first get a glimpse of Uluru from about 50km away. And this is mind blowing! Remember this is my blog and it is how I see it, and I think it is mind blowing! Even more so this time than last time because I’m expecting it. Last time was surprise and disbelief. This time is knowing and reality! And do you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing it from other peoples views. Our travelling companions could not believe that this massive piece of rock, and remember it is 1 piece of rock, could be so big from so far away! Our conversations over the radios were awe inspiring. I mean this. I love Uluru. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it. But unless you have seen it up close and personal for yourself, you will have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.

So, here’s the deal. I am going to finish this blog here. Only because I have gone on a little, and only because I really want you to understand how I feel about Uluru. That is why I’m calling this part 7 part 1. Yes, we are nearly home, and yes the adventure is nearly over, but I want you to enjoy it. Not sit back and be bored by it. So I’ll do Uluru on its own, because it deserves it. Til next time……




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