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The Next Northern Adventure part 6

Now, where was I? That’s right, I think I finished the last blog with something like “Palm Valley was awesome” or words to that effect?!?! Yes? Yes. Well all I can say is a lot has transpired since then and you will find out all, you just have to be patient! Use the force, or whatever the heck it is you use to be patient. Because the next blog, or the next one after that will blow your minds!

So, Palm Valley was Awesome. Even though we didn’t walk “The Valley”. Didn’t have to. What we saw was enough, and we really enjoyed it. For the middle of Australia, I can’t believe there would be anything like this here. Dry, desolate, red, nothing……Palm Valley! Bang! In your face type of cool. There are palm trees, ( how bout that, palm trees in Palm Valley!), left over from some ancient inland sea that they reckon we had here in Australia. You know what, I don’t care what they reckon because it is one of the prettiest places I have been to.

(Hard to believe this is pretty much smack bang in the centre of Australia, hey?!?!)

Quiet, green, dry, sunny. What more could you want? And do you know what, we headed in further and guess who followed us? That’s right, the crew with that tv show, “I Will Survive”. We get off the beaten track and lo and behold here they are , rolling in behind us, and how rude is this, they asked us to move! So….we did! Nah, we were finished looking where they were, and we moved further into this oasis in the middle of nowhere. But they did ask us to move, and Jamie went up to give them a piece of her mind, but she thought better of it, so we just moved on!

It took us probably about an hour to get to the end of the track 4WD type style, and even though my car is a “pseudo” 4WD, it did a damn good job. The kids thought it was great fun, so did I. Kirsten? Kirsten just hung on for the Ride! I think deep down, she enjoyed it. But she never let on. So we did Palm Valley, and then we headed back to Alice, via a place called “Hermannsburg”, which apparently in IP language stands for “Stay out, this town has nothing to offer you. Do not take photos and do not stop or pass go and collect $200.00. We mean this, and you will be arrested if you don’t do what we say.” I cant believe I live in a country where this can happen. Something wrong with that, don’t you think? I wont go any further into this, because I don’t want to upset anyone, least of all me. If you want more, talk to me, I will give you my honest opinion, trust me!! But let me leave it with this comment – these houses would make good fixer uppers! Get my drift? If not, ask, I’ll tell you!

Oh, I forgot a couple of things that happened in Alice Springs. Firstly, we went to look at the “Outback Desert Park”. Once again, film crew follow US in there. Jason Donovan is walking around. Yep, the one who was in neighbors. The one who pashed Kylie. Lucky bugger…….I digress! Sorry. Anyway, we drive past him, I casually put the window down and say something like “Hi Jase, how you been?”. Now, the look on his face was golden! He must have stood there for at least a minute wondering who the hell would be in the middle of nowhere that knew who he was, not that he is famous or anything, but it threw him right off! Jamie got her photo with him and his autograph! But his look was a cracka! Type you’d pay money for!


Second thing. Kirsten held a snake! Yep! She held a snake. Now those of you that know us, know that we have lizards. Kirsten has a bearded dragon, who up until recently was called “Cleo”. But now has a bit of a gender identity problem! So HE needs a new name. Anyway. The kids (Josh, not Jamie! (This in itself is another funny story. But it can wait for another time.)) have been at her to get a snake. She resisted and continues to resist because she is a little scared of them. All right, a LOT scared of them. Anyway we go to the Alice Springs reptile centre, not the desert park, a different place, and they have a python there that is supposedly über friendly. So Kirsten holds it! Well done I think, but look closely at the photo, I think you will see a little bit of fear in those eyes!


And that was our visit to Alice Springs.

Next stop……The Big Rock! Yep, Uluru. I reckon my second most favorite place in the world at the moment. So stay tuned. 🙂



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