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The Next Northern Adventure part 5

So now we are in Erldunda. Where’s Erldunda I hear you say? Well it’s the T intersection on the turn off into Uluru and Kings Canyon and the Stuart Highway which is north to Darwin and Alice Springs. So, yep, we have been to Alice Springs, and I think the last blog ended something like “What do I think of Alice Springs?!”, yes? Yes!

Well, I’ll tell you. I like Alice Springs. Now some of you will think this is funny when I describe it, but I really liked Alice Springs, and I think it’s the same reason I like Coober Pedy and all these outback type places. Because they are different to where I live, and it’s a different lifestyle, at least it seems to be. Kind of grass is always greener type of thing! I think.

To me, Alice Springs is like Melton! Nice place to visit when you need to go to Bunnings, but I wouldn’t want to live there! But Alice Springs is different to Melton in that I would want to live there….for a bit! I think it would wear pretty thin after a while, and remember, this is my blog, so it’s MY opinion of Alice, not Kirsten’s, not the kids, not Dave and Catherine’s, mine! And that was how I felt. I felt like I was in Melton. Oh, except for all the (and I’m never quite sure what the correct term is, or what I should refer to them as, those that know me will know what I would normally call them), but because this is a public blog, I will call them our IP’s, for “Indigenous People”. I mean this with respect at the moment because it saves on typing.

Alice Springs has lots of IP’s. They are everywhere. It is a little intimidating at first, especially when you are with you’re wife and children and they start punching on less than a metre away, that is scary. Especially when you have to explain to your kids why there is one lying asleep in the middle of their ANZAC monument with tourists, us included, walking around. They don’t seem to care what they do or where they do it. This, to me, is not right. I do not want to get into an argument about what is right or wrong, it is just what what I think, thought, felt at the time I was in Alice.

But, Alice Springs was fun. They have fireworks! Yep, FIREWORKS! The first sign we saw when we pulled into town was “Fireworks Sale! One Day Only!”. Guess what? We got to Alice Springs on Territory Day. Never heard of it? Me neither. But, they sell fireworks! And for one day of the year, it is open slather! And didn’t we make the most of it! Trent, Josh, Dave and I set off at 0900hrs to purchase our fireworks. Remember when you could have penny bungers and skyrockets and fountains and all the types like that? Well forget them! These are fair dinkum, commercial grade full on FIREWORKS! The kind you see on TV. The kind the Queen has for her Jubilee, the kind that people line up for hours on New Years Eve in the city to see! They are massive! And we could buy them! And we had a ball! We went down to the banks of the Todd River and went nuts with every pyro’s nightmare!

Then it was over. So we went back to the caravan park and tried to go to sleep amongst the noise and explosions that was Territory Day! They are nuts, 0600hrs in the morning there are still fireworks going off! But we coped, and we were excited, and we still have fireworks, because we bought too many and we couldn’t light enough and they drove us nuts!

And we had to buy a painting! OMG the IP’s sit down the river and paint. And there are beautiful paintings they do. So Kirsten wanted an original painting. We came across one she liked and we talked to the IP who was painting it and found a time to pick it up, and thought we could get it, but you know what? It was gone. And wasn’t Kirsten pissed off? You have know idea, and I am still paying for the fact that we missed that painting, but we got another one, and I think it is nicer and a better one.

I am publishing this blog kind of unfinished because I feel that there is an onus to finish and publish a blog at a point when your are not ready too, I haven’t quite finished this blog and will continue on, but once again, and bear with me this is cryptic, it has been a stressful couple of days. So here is the “first” part of the Alice Springs blog. Enjoy. More to come, when I have the mental energy.

Needless to say, Palm Valley was awesome!






One thought on “The Next Northern Adventure part 5

  1. You know you could have swung by my place whilst in Adelaide and taken me wiv you, I wouldnt have minded at all, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say I wish I was with you….lol
    You sound like you aew all having an awesome time Tony, maybe you can swing by on your way home for an overnighter would love to see you all, I am thinking (hoping really) if I natter you enuf you might drop in 🙂
    Big hugs and keep the posts and pics coming.

    Posted by Christine Clarke | July 11, 2012, 3:43 am

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