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The Next Northern Adventure part 4?

Okely dokely, so we get stuck in Coober Pedy for longer than we expected! Just a slight technical hitch….. Some of you will know why, some of you will find out when we get home, only because it was a cracker, (no it wasnt!) and let’s just say, I collect stubby holders, Kirsten collects something else! I’ll leave it at that! Dave, Catherine, Emily and Trent kept going. No point in us all hanging around!

So me n the kids have to fill in some days, how do you do that? Because to be honest you CAN only spend so much time in Coober Pedy and enjoy yourself! You can noodle all day somewhere, (if you don’t know what noodling is, refer to an earlier blog!) you can sit down Hutchison St, the main street of Coober Pedy and watch the locals, although I think it would be more fun at night if you were game! Or you can leave the town and go somewhere else! So we did!

Ever been to William Creek?? Me neither! And, no offense Brad, but what a hole! Had I have had a bit of forward planning, we would gone a lot earlier and done a flight over Lake Eyre, one of my life time dreams, but stupid me – bad planning, dumb thinking! DOH! Any hoot, we made it to William Creek, and yep, it’s different, the pub is a sight to see, and well worth the visit, but literally there is nothing there but the pub and and a commercial way of ripping you off to fly over Lake Eyre! (we’re going back there on the way home to fly over Lake Eyre!) but…..

What a drive, ask the kids, we had a ball! Don’t think I’ve been over 100kmh on dirt for a very long time! In fact when Josh had a drive (cough,cough! WHAT?!?!) he thought 80 was quick. The dirt road to William Creek was great, 110+ in spots. But mostly 100kmh. Seems to soften out the corrugations! When I lived in NSW I remember being told the faster you drive, the better they get, no this certainly seemed true on the road to William Creek. Anyway, we’ve been there and even if we don’t get back there, we can say it…. We’ve been to William Creek! So when someone says, “hey, I’ve been to William Creek!” I, we, can say ” Oi, so have we! There’s nothing there!” Although, I forgot, there is something else there.

They have a rocket park. And you know what? I reckon they have a rocket park because of one fact. Because the Australian government built Woomera. And you know what? I reckon the Australian government built William Creek so that…. Woomera had something to shoot their freakin rockets at! That’s all it’s good for! Oh, and for flying planes over Lake Eyre!! So that was our visit to William Creek. Will we go back? Depends on how strong my urge is to fly over Lake Eyre. You know why? Because its $800 from Coober Pedy and only $240 from William Creek, so I think we’ll go back!

Now we’ve made it to Alice Springs. Is Alice Springs a nice place, I can hear you say? Hmmmm. You’ll have to wait for the next blog to find out!

Let’s just say this, things can only get better! And I’m still collecting stubby holders!







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