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The Next Northern Adventure part 2

So day 2 starts with a shopping trip for Kork and Josh. Hour in KMart, shopping fix sorted! Off we go. Winding our way down through the foggy hills of Adelaide, and I mean FOGGY! Lights on, take it easy, watching all the time! The hills into Adelaide are one of the most nerve wracking drives I have ever done with the caravan on, let alone doing it in the fog! Thank goodness it wasn’t peak hour!

Follow the GPS. Do you ever enter a destination in your GPS and have complete faith in it? Well, I did! Never again! Apparently the quickest way to get around Adelaide city is… go through Adelaide city! Last time we turned right at that set of lights, it was quicker! Don’t blame me, I’m just doing what I’m told, stupid GPS! No, we didn’t get lost, but we did go through the centre of Adelaide. Nice town, wouldn’t want to live there type stuff, you know what I mean?!

So Dave needs fuel, I know I have a GPS it knows where these things are? Right? WRONG! Very wrong! My GPS says the total opposite of what we need, and Dave nearly ends up using the spare 20lts he smartly bought with him! Didn’t think we’d need it in the middle of a bloody city, but go figure that’s how some things work out!

So we pull over for fuel, and Kork decides to check the van. ( can you hear the word disaster coursing though the air here? I bloody can! You know the earthquake the other night? That was nothing compared to this one!!!) We (I) decided this trip to not fill the water tanks, that we’d buy water as we needed, smart, less weight, you know save fuel?! Wrong! Very wrong!

Ever opened the door of your caravan to 15lts of water sloshing around on the floor??

Me neither! But judging by my beautiful wife’s reaction to same, it is not a pleasant experience! And guess what? It somehow became my fault! so, when I walked up to the open van door I was met with the best sailor type expletives I have ever heard, and various flying implements we had stored in the van! It was SATURATED! There seemed to be water everywhere, in fact I think when Kork opened the door the flood must have been about the same tsunami generated in a famous earthquake not so long ago, least that’s how it seemed! So clean it up, dry it out, move on. What else can you do. See, when we go away, I generally look after the outside of the van. You know, put the legs up, make sure the cars connected, lights work, etc. that type of thing. Kirsten does the inside, least she used to. Oh well. What can you do.

Disaster dealt with, move on. Off we go to Snowtown! You know bodies in the barrels? That one. So we pull in there and next door to the bank is a “curio” shop with a lovely old couple who think its great their town has a little notoriety associated with it! We bought a fridge magnet off her. She was great. Oh yeah, there was some other thing in town some blade off a wind farm turbine only one like it in Australia. Pretty big, but nothing compared to the Bank!

Next stop, Port Augusta for fuel and we nearly end up taking the road to WA instead of the NT! Pretty uneventful trip really from there to Woomera. Yep the rocket town. Dead quiet, do a lap, town seen! Vans set up, bit of drying out from the water disaster, settle in for the night. Last time we were here, Kirsten and I spent the night in the bar on site, not tonight! Too tired!

In Woomera, anyone is allowed to sell alcohol as long as you purchase it from the one central place in town so the caravan park people have made the most of it and have happy hour in an Atco hut bar they have set up. But seeing as how we are all exhausted, not tonight!

Up nice and early to head off to Coober Pedy. Our first real rest stop for 3 nights. We do a quick lap of woomera, look at the rocket displays in the parks and then out to the main road and Spuds Roadhouse at Pimba to fuel up.

Fairly easy and quiet trip from here. The scenery is magnificent and really shows the Australian outback. Although there is an awful lot more growth than I remember last time. Also the big salt lakes along the way are nearly all dried up. We stop at Glendambo, home of 14million flies for a fuel top up, and a chat to one of the road train drivers hauling fuel.

These things are massive! Usually 3 semi trailers long towed by one prime mover. The prime movers last any where from 50000 to 250000kms. Not much when you think they probably do 2000km a trip or more. If you ever get stuck behind one and try and pass them, you really realize just how massive these things are, I really admire their abilities.

We arrive in Coober Pedy, set up and finally beer o’clock! Stay tuned for the next installment in a couple of days or so! 😉



2 thoughts on “The Next Northern Adventure part 2

  1. ohhhh I definitely wouldnt like to have been you when she opened that van door!!!!
    Ha! I can just imagine the vocabulary used!!! have a great one guys xxx

    Posted by Leanne Manniche | June 25, 2012, 7:20 pm
  2. You provide me with many chuckles as I read -thank you 🙂

    Posted by AussieBinky | June 29, 2012, 2:08 pm

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