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Where to start?

Alright, so this is my first attempt at a blog, but what to write about? I guess it’s got to be interesting, or people won’t want to read it, and I guess it has to have some pizazz too.

I’ll try and get some of my thoughts down, and some of the things I do which I think may interest others. If it doesn’t, I guess the beauty is that people don’t have to read it, do they?!

We’ll see how it goes and take it from there.

Ok, a little about me.

I’m what I guess is called middle aged? I’m married, I have 2 teenage kids, I have a permanent job working for a large multinational company that employs thousands of people around the world. Most people in the world would recognize the brand.

Do I love my job? I hear you ask, do you love yours??

Hmmm…… I love the money I get paid, (who doesn’t?) I love the hours I work. I’m a shift worker, which gives me a lot of time off. I think I have more time off than I work. I work 4 days out of 10. But, do I love my job? No. I don’t love my job. I would much prefer to do something else, but I hate the fact that I’m addicted to the money and the days off. So I’ll keep doing what I do. I must admit, I’m good at it, and couldn’t bear the thought of having to try and learn something else, I’m too old for that! And occasionally it gives me a buzz of adrenaline or action.

That’s a start I guess. I’ll keep adding bits, and maybe you’ll get the picture and draw your own conclusions on my life. Blogging is something I’ve thought long and hard about before deciding to actually do it, so it’ll be guarded and perhaps sometimes cryptic, but I’ll try not to bore! It’ll sometimes be a rant, and sometimes personal because I might use it as a venting session and hope the people I vent about don’t see it, so here we go, hang on for the ride!

See you next time!



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